18 May 2015 - 2 July 2015

In the video workshop of Ryan Oduber and Sofia Wickman, the experiment with narrative film / video was central.
The pleasure in making was paramount under the motto that a less successful film / video is always better than none.
After three weeks of collecting basic techniques under the direction of Ryan Oduber, the second part of the workshop started under the direction of the Swedish artist and film maker Sofia Wickman.
By looking at examples in art history, and by discussing them together, starting points were formulated with which to work.
By carrying out small assignments, the students mastered the basic camera technology. Watch, study and describe the images with the camera. In this way the participants learned to visualize the invisible.
By doing and discussing this again, the results were created that were shown at the end of the work period.

REPORT Sofia Wickman Work Period & Workshop