Ateliers ’89 Punto di Beyas Artes Aruba is an active non-profit organization set up with the purpose of introducing Arubans and especially Aruban youth to Contemporary Art!

We are able to do this by means of a wide range of projects and activities. Our most prolific means is by organizing educational workshops presented and instructed by highly qualified mentors. Our workshops engage the many elements of Contemporary Art and a workshop usually takes place over a four week period. Each of our completed workshops, are then presented either as an exhibition or as a closing event and are always open to the public.

Ateliers ’89, is also very proud of her involvement in our Arte den Bario and Teatro den Bario project. Taking Contemporary Art to the less fortunate children in outlaying rural areas of Aruba. This is a wonderful educational experience for these children and we work closely with them and youth workers, parents and guidance at their locale. Each workshop ends with an exhibition to involve the participants, guidance, the local public towards a better involvement and understanding with their local community.

Ateliers ’89, is also actively involved in the truly inspiring Caribbean Arts Initiative, ‘Caribbean Linked’ and as the name suggests, this initiative links the Caribbean and it’s very talented artists. It is a regional residency and exhibition organized in collaboration with Holly Bynoe from Arc Inc. and Annalee Davis from Freshmilk Art Platform Inc. assisted by Katherine Kennedy. It is a crucial space for building awareness across disparate creative communities by bringing together emerging artists from Anglophobe, Francophone, Hispanic And Dutch Caribbean Antillean Caribbean islands. Importantly this initiative facilitates an exchange program. Artists from around the Caribbean can now come to Aruba to participate in exhibitions. This opportunity affords them the chance for personal growth, to develop their talent, to display their work while giving them much needed experience and exposure. For the local artists and the people of Aruba,  having the opportunity to be involved in this exchange of talent and cultural diversity, is truly a priceless experience.

Ateliers ’89’s primary objective is to strive to achieve two goals! Firstly, we want to introduce our children to Contemporary Art and exposing them to a diverse range of techniques we are allowing them to ask an important question, would I like to pursue a career in the Arts? Secondly, we strongly believe that social cohesion can be achieved through art. Art successfully crosses the young and old, rich and poor divides.