Residency Artist


In addition to its own workshop program in 2019, Ateliers’89 was fortunate to see a great interest from young artists to do a residency at Ateliers’89 for a period of time.
In March, Konstantin Guz from Russia was a guest. Together with his partner Lyubov Matyunina, who was invited by Ateliers’89 to provide a workshop, they made a film in Aruba and Konstantin found time to work on his own research into sound effects.

At the same time, Margherita Soldati (Italy) stayed at Ateliers’89 for her research into the reuse of plastic materials. She did this in collaboration with the Aruban Brenchie laboratory and students from the workshop she gave during her residency. The latter also resulted in an exhibition of all objects made from the recycled plastic that the participants had first collected on the island by themselves. Back in Amsterdam, Soldati gave a few more presentations about the residency and the results achieved with Mediametic.

In July, Tatiana Kuznetsova (Russia) came to Ateliers’89 for a residency of more than a month. In addition to her own research, Tatiana also wanted to participate in the realization of a summer program for children.

In September she was relieved by visual artist Aiofe Ward (GB) while in November and December Xaviera Hardjopawiro (NL) came to Aruba for research. This last residency was made possible in part by a grant from the Mondriaan Fund.
Aiofe and Xaviera contributed to the Ateliers’89 program by providing an artist talk.


In the summer Yannis Mouvaras from Greece and Nicolas Baretta from Italy, both students at The Sandberg Institute resided at Ateliers’89 for a longer period. They did this in collaboration with the Dutch presentation platform NEVERNEVERLAND. The gave a workshop that resulted in an exhibition and exposed the results of their own investigation later that year in Amsterdam at NEVERNEVERLAND.

In September Karolien Helweg and Ruben de la Cruz came back to Ateliers’89 to continue their investigations started in 2018 under the title Turn your heritage into Art.

In November Hungarian Krisztina Czika came to Ateliers’89 to give a workshop on the reuse of paper. Together with students the managed to make music instruments out of the recycled newspapers.


In September and October Karolien Helweg and Ruben de la Cruz stayed at Ateliers’89 to pursue an earlier in Curacao done investigation into the existence of tin houses. This time the focus was on San Nicolas in Aruba. A workshop was part of their investigation.
The project was made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Foundation and Stroom The Hague.


During the months of January to April the Algerian / Dutch artist Yasmina Galmi Mews stayed for a residency at Ateliers’89, during which time she took part in numerous events. She participated in the REAL exhibition, played in a theater production and took part in Poetry Nights.


Polish artists Toska Dyblik, Ana Pieterszak and Marta Kaminska, graduates of the Academy of Visual Arts in Krakow, Poland, spent several weeks at the Ateliers ’89 in February.
They received a grant from the Ministry of Culture in connection with this. a project related to the Cultural Heritage in Aruba. They have restored statues of several churches in Aruba.

Shantrelle Lewis, graduated as an art historian in African sciences in the USA.
Stayed was a resident at Ateliers ‘89 for two weeks in March.
Shantrelle did research to the Dutch Caribbean diaspora with a grant from the Andy Warhol Fund. This research resulted in two exhibitions entitled from Harlem to Haarlem, which were to be seen in both places mentioned. At the same time, she was working on a second study about the phenomenon of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet. She interviewed artists in the Netherlands and on the islands about this phenomenon and talked to them about their background and their ideas about it.

Alberto de Michele came to Aruba for his project in May and again in September and October.
Alberto had been planning to do a project in Aruba prison for some time. Such a project works in two directions. The prisoners met art and are offered a program by De Michele. The project fits in De Michele his research on humanity and crime.


Hrund Altadottir and Viktotija Medvedeva, working in New York and London gave a video workshop.
After this period, Vikotrija and Hrund stayed as residents for another 2 weeks.


The first two workshops in the new year were given by the four artists (Thomas Adolfs, Tarja Szaraniec, Monica Tormell and Orpheu de Jong), who stayed in the Ateliers ’89 building with a stipend from the BKVB Fund as Artist in Residence. The result was The Souvenir Festival.
Monday November 14 was the kick-of of a Workshop called “Me Myself and I”. A multimedia workshop painting and photography with the theme Self-portrait by artists in Residence Nicole Blanchet and Rem van den Bosch.


Felix de Rooy, Dutch/Caribbean Filmmaker stayed at Ateliers’89 for a few months while doing research for a project about slavery in the Dutch Caribbean.

Lisa Boerstra, Dutch filmmaker was a guest while working on a documentary.