Anne Lakeman
25 April 2022 - 20 May 2022

Workshop Tracing Steps - finding your memories in plants with Anne Lakeman.

Plants have always been a very important resource and inspiration to humans. We eat them, we keep them in our houses, we even wear prints of them on our clothing.
But what part of a plant appeals to you? Is it the colour, the texture, the
smell? Or is it the resilience of it growing between the cracks? Is it the strength
of the roots or the pride of its leaves?

On the island of Aruba alone there are more than 500 different kinds of plants.
Some of them are indigenous, others are brought by the people that walked the
land before us. Many stories are held by plants, like the age rings in tree.
Have you ever used a plant to tell a story about you, your family or a friend? Is
it the sheltering shade of the fofoti and divi-divi that reminds you of your grandma? Or does the sweet smell of hibiscus makes you think of you of your aunt?

In this workshop, we will start to create awareness of the world around us, by
observing the plants that grow in the places of our everyday lives. From our
homes to the street we take to work, to the market, to the sea.

We will use different methods of documenting and techniques (such as
cyanotype, colour extraction, natural dyes), extracting and translating plants. In
the end, the aim is to photograph the plants as if they are someone we know
and love.

Short bio

Anne Lakeman (1993) is an artist who is very much interested in people and their stories. The tool she uses and researches is photography. Anne also organized numerous events and exhibitions.She is part of the AbsurdBeings collective and has been a Programme and Event manager at Mediamatic since September 2018.
She contributes to the collective with her experience in event management,
website and network building. Her aesthetic eye and spatial perception
influence the exhibition design and visual identity of AbsurdBeings.
For two years, she formed the Management Team at Cultureel Centrum ‘t
Fijnhout with Irina Djojoatmodjo and Margherita Soldati, where they created a
‘cross-pollination’ space for young makers and locals