Natusha Croes
17 May 2021 - 11 June 2021

Contemporary performance artist Natusha Croes will be facilitating a workshop about live art, using her multidisciplinary practice CARICIA. She graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Audio Visual Arts (BA) & Goldsmiths University of London, Performance Making (MA). She will be guiding a three week journey of introspection, revelation and creation from the 17th of May until the 11th  of June every Monday to Thursday 6-9PM at Ateliers ‘89.

Two dimensional introspection
During the first week we will focus upon revealing our inner reality. By touching base upon different techniques that connect us to our bodies and thus state of being. Mindfully breathing, moving, journaling and mind-mapping will be crucial to communicate the notions, sentiments, thoughts that occur when we embark upon on different methods of embodiment. From thereon we will venture upon envisioning. With the help of tools such as drawing, sketching, collaging, painting, we will be revealing clues that share the conceptualization of our inner reality. We will put into words and imagery what lives deep inside us. Thus creating a vision board that serves as hints to start externalizing our inner reality. Thus throughout the first week we will dive deep within to conceptualise upon questions that define who we are;  What lives inside of us? What are our hopes, desires, emotions and dreams telling us of who we are as persons and ultimately as creators?  We will thus embark upon a deep scan within ourselves to map out our inner reality in a two dimensional manner. Which will help us to step into the second week of the workshop which leads us into the materialization that shapes our inner reality into a three dimensional format. Revealing thus the first step of witnessing a unique poetic reality in the making.

Three dimensional revelation
During the second week we will venture upon collecting and connecting to the corresponding material of our inner reality. Thus creating finally a bridge from our inner world to the outer world. By sharing our inner realities with the group we will be able to also notice similarities and correlations that make room for collaboration within the workshop. In turn Natusha Croes will facilitate different routes in the natural and cultural landscape of the island in search for the right material so that you can create the manifestation in 3D of your unique or collective inner reality

Activation of a new reality
During the third week with the material that has been collected for you to construct the spatial and structural representation of your inner reality we will work towards the process of activating this collective or individual installation. Based upon the route that has been paired with your vision board the participants are also able to work site-specifically if they wish to do so and document the process of 3D creation through film. Or collect/ scavenge and bring the building blocks to Ateliers to create your installation. The installation will serve as a set design / platform / stage for you to perform the actions that will activate and thus bring to LIVE your inner reality. Finally bringing into existence the poetic realization of who you are deep inside. The activation of this installation / set design / stage can be presented at the exhibition either through live art, performance or video / film. Depending upon the dynamic you choose to work in.

During this entire journey Natusha will guide each participant to contemplate upon who they are. Give them the tools and courage to dive deep inside their bodies to tap upon their hopes, desires, feelings and dreams as a creator and person. Empowering each participant to write, mindmap and in essence reflect upon this mindful process of navigating our inner reality. A soul searching experience that enables us to reflect and create a map of our inner self through words and phrases first and then leading us into envisioning and projecting through drawing, collage making, sketching and painting, in essence image making, to then facilitate the connection and search for the material in the exterior world that best represent our inner world. Ultimately leading us to the construction of a bridge / portal that leads us to revealing our inner self to the exterior world. Activating and bringing it to life through a performance or video/film.