11 April 2016 - 27 May 2016

By Ryan Oduber, Alexis Tromp and Jason Fitzroy Jeffers

During the months of May and June another double workshop film / video took place with artists Ryan Oduber and Jason Fitzroy Jeffers
In the first part of the workshop, the participants acquired a number of basic skills, especially under the guidance of Ryan Oduber, which are necessary to make a short film.
In the second part of the workshop, the participants and Jason Fitzroy Jeffers explored how to make a small personal film.
In the last phase of the workshop, both teachers guided the participants in the technical completion of their film. Alexis Tromp completed the team and assisted the participants in adding sound to their films.

The final presentation of the workshop took place in the garden of Ateliers '89, where a a big audience came to look with interest at the works of the 11 filmmakers.