José Vonk
12 March 2012 - 5 April 2012

Workshop by José Vonk

José Vonk used Low-tech solutions with many imaginative possibilities, which are free from expensive investments and the limitations of the drawn cartoon figure. Participants started by tracing each other's shadows, based on the ancient Greek love story about Butades's daughter. Then the following topics were discussed: developing their own 'character', making a storyboard, thinking in film shots, organizing movement phases and animating. While they were also introduced to the making of shadow figures, simple movement techniques, and above all the possibilities of light projection.
Participants played with their iron wire and cardboard figures and discovered how a beautiful light show (with music) can be given with a drinking glass, a glass vase or bowl and a flashlight. Together with the students of the adjacent workshop, that of Hans Muller, we further investigated the possibilities of the glass projections one evening. As a result a light show at the opening of the final exhibition.