Wearable Art by Jess Wolff

1 November 2021 - 25 November 2021

Contemporary artist Jess Wolff, also known as Luna and the Wolff, is teaching the 'Wearable Art' workshop at Ateliers '89.

The workshop takes place every Monday till Thursday for four consecutive weeks at Dominicanessenstraat 34, Oranjestad, Aruba. Jess Wolff will teach and guide every participant to create wearable pieces that connects with the environmental issues  on our island.

In the Wearable Art Course of Ateliers ’89, students are challenged to create 3-D Art that can also be worn on the body. Using both traditional and non-traditional materials, students explore sculptural techniques and thematic concepts, learning to manipulate and transform materials in new and creative ways.

Wolff wants to stimulate each participant, to provide them with a working method that will motivate them to continue developing their concept.

The workshop promotes a fashion method that highlights the importance of recycling and keeping a sustainable and organic means of creating art in a wearable form. Jess Wolff will lead the development of the designs by shaping them into characters withholding a story. She will challenge the conventional ideas of fashion through the usage of performative qualities to present these characters and in result the wearable arts pieces.

Final designs will be shared with the community at the Wearable Art Show, [Date to be announced] At Punto Di Beyas Arte Aruba at the evening of the Exhibition.

You are invited to be part of this workshop that will introduce students to the contemporary field of wearable art.