7 April 2011 - 8 April 2011

The closing manifestation of the two workshops took place under the title: Souvenir Festival.
In addition to the results of the workshops, the exhibition halls were open to a large number of local and regional artists. Just as within the framework of the workshops, the participants were asked to make a work about the concept of Souvenir in all possible meanings of the word. Participants included Glenda Heyliger, Ciro Abath, Ryan Oduber, Osaira Muyale and Tirzo Martha.
In addition to this exhibition, films were screened in the garden and there was room for music and dance and all kinds of other forms of art.
For example, the Souvenir Festival was livened up by the 80-year-old female DJ of the Wintergarden from San Nicolas (Lady DJ). The opening was performed by the anthropologist Luc Alofs, who discussed the original meaning of the concept of souvenir.