Irvin Aguilar
8 March 2021 - 25 April 2021

In the work of Irvin Aguilar, his birthplace, a baroque city under the smoke of volcanoes in Mexico, plays a visible role. Developing further in the world of urban art, he was looking for a way to distinguish himself when making posters and stickers. This led to a rediscovery of old traditional printing techniques that use natural materials. Irvin now uses these to experience both graphic work and installations. In this workshop he will investigate with his participants how they too can shape their own history and identity by using sometimes almost forgotten techniques. Familiarizing yourself with these techniques goes hand in hand with this research in the workshop. How can one give a contemporary vision of the future with traditional means, with their specific narrative mysticism.

Irvin Aguilar's work has been shown in numerous places in Mexico, such as Puebla, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Guanojuato, Michoacán and Tlaxcale and in Spain and Aruba. In 2019 he founded the ART FAMA studio and project space in Aruba together with Velvet Zoe Ramos. He was previously a guest at Ateliers'89 in 2018 as a participant in Caribbean Linked and also did a residency at Alice Yard art center in Trinidad and Tobago.