Daniel Benaim
25 May 2020 - 18 June 2020

An experienced and inspiring supervisor was found in the Venezuelan photographer / artist Daniel Benaim. Tailored to the circumstances, the workshop was accessible online and offered free of charge by Ateliers'89. In order to be able to personally guide each participant where necessary, 25 enthusiasts could register. Four evenings a week,25 Aruban photography enthusiasts sat virtually in the classroom with Daniel Benaim, who was residing in Madrid at the time. Together they devoted themselves to the necessary techniques. With exercises in color, light, composition and focus, according to the interests and criteria of each participant, they worked towards a good end result.
The workshop's closing moment coincided with the end of the strict lockdown on the island, which enabled the workshop results not only to be shared online, but also to be physically displayed in an exhibition at the Ateliers'89 building.