Keramiek met Samuel Sarmiento

Samuel Sarmiento
5 June 2023 - 30 June 2023
18:30 - 21:30

Workshop ceramics by Samuel Sarmiento

5-30 June 2023


You are invited to participate in the workshop ceramics by Samuel Sarmiento.

In this Workshop we will explore working with clay, learning basic forms of manual modeling using simple tools and using everyday objects as molds to shape our ceramics. The objective of this workshop is to develop the expressive possibilities of ceramics to create small sculptures, plates, cups and other objects with our hands. We will also learn to decorate and draw on clay creating different graphic possibilities. These sessions will be accompanied by visual references related to contemporary painting, illustration and different ceramic techniques.


Artist Bio

Samuel Sarmiento is a self-taught artist. In 2010, he undertook a Master's degree in Artistic Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. He has participated in various exhibitions, individually as well as collectively in Aruba, Venezuela, Spain, The Netherlands, Argentina and China.
His artistic practice seeks to investigate topics such as the narrative and hermeneutic capacity of contemporary drawing and its connection with Caribbean oral traditions, as well as learning mechanisms based on orality.
He is  also interested in ceramics as a tool for the construction of allegorical objects and semiotic devices, erecting images related to historical processes, extractivism, identity, reproducibility, migration and mimesis.
In his own words Samuel explains: ¨I take a special interest in the study of history, inquiring into historical events as a way to understand and reinterpret problems inherent to human survival, as well as identifying the exchanges and transatlantic connections that have linked mankind different levels.
Similarly, I believe in the investigative capacity of art and the inherent ability of an artistic object to communicate the reality of its time, objects functioning as a witnesses of phenomena and events thus preserving information and knowledge for future generations.
I am interested in the expressive and narrative possibilities of ceramics, a medium capable of communicating contemporary discourses through different techniques, but maintaining a heritage that can easily be associated with artisanal crafts that evoke a reconnection with the earth in an era of digital media.¨
Samuel has participated in artistic residencies such as The Bakehouse Art Complex Residency Program (Miami, USA), Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts Residency Program (Maine, USA), Caribbean Linked VI - Ateliers 89 (Oranjestad, Aruba) and BijlmAIR artist in residence program organized by CBK Zuidoost (Amsterdam, NL) with the support of Bradwolff Projects and Stedelijk Museum.In 2022, He had the opportunity to have a time of creation in Yaddo Residency (Saratoga Springs - NY, USA) a space with a long history and tradition that has had among its attendees artists such as Clyfford Still, Truman Capote, Philip Guston, Helen Frankenthaler and David Foster Wallace, among others.
Samuel Sarmiento  also exhibited his work in group exhibitions such as 30 jaar Bijlmervliegramp at Amsterdam Museum (Amsterdam, NL), A world of many words at CBK Zuidoost (Amsterdam, NL), Mykonos Biennale (Mykonos, Greece) and Extractivism and its discontents organized by MasArteMasaccion Collective in the framework of Documenta 15 (Kassel, Germany), among others.
Samuel is a Venezuelan artist living and working in Aruba.


Workshop keramiek door Samuel Sarmiento

5-30 juni 2023


Wij nodigen u van harte uit om deel te nemen aan de workshop keramiek van Samuel Sarmiento.

In deze workshop onderzoeken we het medium met klei en leren we handmatig modelleren met behulp van eenvoudige gereedschappen.  Ook leren we alledaagse voorwerpen te gebruiken als mallen om onze keramiek vorm te geven. Het doel van deze workshop is om op zoek te gaan naar de expressieve mogelijkheden van keramiek en om te leren kleine sculpturen, borden, kopjes en andere objecten te maken met onze handen. We zullen ook gaan decoreren en tekenen op klei en leren om verschillende grafische mogelijkheden te creëren. Deze sessies gaan gepaard met visuele verwijzingen naar hedendaagse schilderkunst, illustratie en naar verschillende keramische technieken.


Korte bio

Samuel Sarmiento (Venezuela 1987) is autodidact. Hij heeft deelgenomen aan verschillende tentoonstellingen zowel individueel als collectief in Aruba, Venezuela, Spanje, Nederland, Argentinië en China. Op zijn werk zien we vaak raadselachtige personages die soms een ‘uncanny’ en onwerkelijke sfeer oproepen. Tegelijkertijd is het werk speels en kleurrijk. Met zijn werk, zijn tekeningen en keramiek maakt de kunstenaar een reis langs de Caribische volksvertellingen. Samuel Sarmiento woont en werkt op Aruba.