Adriano Nanof
16 November 2020 - 9 December 2020

The best furniture design shows the harmony between form and function, usability combined with beauty, the human scale on a domestic scale.
During this workshop, the participants initially viewed contemporary furniture design, also on the basis of their home environment. Then they studied the available supplies in Aruba to make furniture such from materials such as wood, metal and plastic pipes and other alternative materials. The theory was then put into practice on the basis of assignments. The exploration of the human dimension and its impact on the design of furniture remained leading within this. Ultimately, the design was converted into the manufacture of a piece of furniture.

Adriano Nanof was born in 1973 in São Paulo, Brazil. There he trained as a designer and architect. He is also active as a composer of film music and as a DJ. Adriano currently lives and works in Aruba. As a DJ he is a regular guest at Ateliers'89 and he has also previously provided music workshops for young people in the barrio program.