6 August 2018 - 26 August 2018

This year the fifth edition of the Caribbean Linked manifestation took place.
This year's participants were the artists Adam Patterson (Barbados), Averia Wright (Bahamas), Franz Caba (Dominican Republic), Gwladys Gambie (Martinique), Irvin Aguilar (Mexico / Aruba), Kriston Chen (Trinidad & Tobago), Raily Yance ( Venezuela), Sharelly Emanuelson (Curaçao), Velvet Zoe Ramos (Aruba), curators Alex Martinez Suarez (Dominican Republic) and Miguel Lopez (Costa Rica) and writer Marina Reyes Franco (Puerto Rico).
The opening ceremony, which largely took place in the main street, was enhanced with a number of performances and music.

For more information see the documentation and the website.