22 January 2024 - 1 February 2024
18:30 - 21:30

Reflection and Visualization, from Theory to Practice, by Ricardo Benaim

Ateliers'89 invites visual artists for an intensive Reflection and Visualization workshop; from Theory to Practice, led by the famous Venezuelan artist Ricardo Benaim

The starting point of the workshop is Ricardo's oeuvre and its history, which will be discussed by the artist.

It is then up to the participants themselves to provide a brief explanation of their work and working methods.

By talking about the work we learn to think about the work process and how we can put our ideas into visual forms.

Then everyone gets to work, and Ricardo will discuss the work process individually with everyone.

And we also discuss the progress of our work with each other every day.

After two weeks, each participant has not only created a work of art or a concrete plan for it, but we are also able to properly articulate the development towards it, from the first sketch to the end result. We end with a presentation of the works and plans that each participant will personally explain in a short speech.


The workshop is intended for advanced artists and is intensive. It lasts two weeks of four days. The working language of the workshop is English


Ricardo Benaim (1949) was born in Caracas Venezuela, but lives and works mainly in New York. His work has been awarded 1st prize at the Latin American Graphic Art Show at the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art in New York.

His work has been shown worldwide and is in numerous museum collections in both South America and the United States