From Monday May the 14 on, will provide at the Ateliers ’89
Academia di Bellas Artes Aruba, the sensation of Ceri Noka
2016, in santa Cruz our local performance artist teacher miss,
Olga Gabrielle van Bokhove a performance workshop.

Iff you remember the fantastic show of 2016 called Tragoidia,
at Ceri Noka in Santa Cruz, you can’t miss this unique
opportunity to relive that moment by participating in this
directed by performance artists Olga gabrielle van Bokhove
performance workshop.

Theatrical performance is a means to remember questions that
are in our bodies.
Questions will be answered by the performers own relation
and perception to the text .
A selection of theatrical works will be used during this
intensive and will thus follow a prosaic creation
methodology . The student will also learn script annálisis ,
acting excercisses as well as vocal work for performance.
The workshop will culminate with a multidisciplinary
theatrical experience to the public….

This performance workshop is for a month long and is for
four nights a week. From Monday til Thursday, from
6.30 to 9.30pm. Age is 12 and up.
Te enroll please call 5654613 or e-mail at
Ateliers ’89 is situated left on the crossroad of Maria College
in town. Enrol now as places are limmited.

Here pic of Olga and performace night of Tragoidia at Ceri Noka Santa Cruz

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