Photographic LIVE - ON - LINE workshop by Daniel Benaim

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If you like taking photos, here you will find guidance to generate spectacular images attending to the creativity and the necessary techniques, with exercises in color, light, composition and focus, according to the interest and criteria of each participant. Guiding you in the optimal handling of the mobile or camera, Daniel will help you generate images and thus open the way to the pleasure of taking good photographs. Personal attention between sessions.

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Course: Photography dictated by Venezuelan Artist Photographer DANIEL BENAIM
Start date: May 25th till June 18th, 2020
Time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Duration: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Location: Live Online
Age: +11 years and up (space is limited)

1. Mobile or digital camera
2. Laptop or desktop
3. Want to take photos

The online workshop is live and interactive, not to be confused with an e-learning or video course. It’s like sitting in the classroom at Ateliers with the teacher and other participants – but virtually. The course is given in the form of “virtual classroom” and always lasts 3 hours.

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