26 February 2007 - 22 March 2007

FILM WORKSHOP : The End the Beginning

The One-Minutes is a world-spanning stage that was originally set up by the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Can you tell a story in 1 minute? Unnecessary household products are sold in less than half that time, so that should be possible. Although the exposition of a fully-fledged human drama may require a little more time, the 1 Minutes is ideal for other messages that are more related to poetry and pop music or the étude.

Workshops and exhibition were a success and a large number of one minute videos from the workshops of Dick Tuinder and Ryan Oduber were submitted for the selection for Beijng. They were also shown in Ghent in Belgium, where the One Minutes Awards took place that autumn and where the young Aruban Ivo Tonk won the second and third prize with his videos.