11 July 2021 - 15 August 2021

Exhibition in which both the divine (referring to the Greek god Pan) as well as the all-encompassing situation in which we currently find ourselves are central. The halls will be filled with diverse work, from installations to sculptures, drawings and paintings, films and performances. Seventeen  Aruban artists have been invited to participate in this exhibition, with their work reflecting on this topic.

Participants are
Brunal Anaja
Irvin Aquilar
Natusha Croes
Sharelly Emanuelson
Danilo Geerman
Armando Goedgedrag
Anuar Habibe
Wilfred Jansen
Romelinda Maldonado
Chelsea Peterson
Velvet Zoe Ramos
Suyin Ridderstaat
Samuel Sarmiento
Desiree Sporkslede
Fernando Vermeer
Ken Wolff
Jess Wolff