Drawing as a starting point with Efrem Angela

Efrem Angela
6 March 2023 - 30 March 2023
1830 - 00:00


On Experimental Drawing
Drawing can be a direct link to our thoughts. We do it when we talk on the phone and start
doodling, when we’re bored we scratch lines on paper or students leaving marks on their desk.
It can be such a handy tool to start brainstorming or planning a project.
There are techniques to use it as a first step, sometimes towards painting, other times for
storyboards for films. The classes will revolve around loosening up the hands and warming up
All it takes is to start. Each person uses their drawing for different reasons. We’ll explore the
goal for drawing, whether it’s for moving on to another medium or as a means to an end itself.
The methods we use are different as well. Every one has a preferred tool; pens, markers,
pencils or spraypaint cans. There are preferred techniques too, some like repetitive
movements and others a more slowed-down way of drawing. Even the material on which we
draw is important. I used to always draw on my desk in school, often getting me in trouble, but
to me nothing beats the feeling of pencil on a wooden table or a marker on a wal.
Hopefully these classes will help with understanding why we draw; whether it’s to meditate, to
brainstorm or starting a project like making storyboards films or comics. We will use that as a
starting point and move forward from there.

Efrem Angela

Short bio

An Aruba native, Efrem Angela was born in 1990 and grew up skating on the island and came into contact with street art, graffiti and punk rock. This was a gateway into art which in turn pushed him to go study Fine Arts at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, where he stayed active in the music scene. Playing in different bands like the Sasters, Black Wednesdays, Nancy Acid (together with fellow islander Kevin Schuit) and currently in Toto Boroto.
 At the Rietveld Efrem started mostly by paintings and drawings and eventually went into photography and films.

After 3 years he moved to Paris, where he currently resides and is working in the film industry as a set designer and decorator focusing on short films, music videos and advertisements.