January 31, 2019 - February 22, 2019


Invitation results painting workshop by Venezulean Gustavo Paris: Spaces Withinn

Workshop “Acrylic and Drawing Techniques” by Gustavo Paris
We kindly invite you to the workshop painting with international artist Gustavo Paris; each person has his own singular way to express his own creativity and wit. Therefore the artist presents this atelier “Acrylic and Drawing Techniques” applied to the search of contemporary individual concept, connecting creative ideas with applied technical fundamentals developing paintings and drawings during three weeks.
In recent years the use of mixed media in painting has brought down the drawing-painting border, making art expression richer and more profitable. The expansive movement so characteristic of Gustavo Paris full body of work can be described in this manner. His works “open themselves up” towards space. In fact, they resemble cosmic landscapes, fragments of galaxies captured in their continuous and eternal becoming. In some pieces, the artist introduces – as a backdrop – a segment of this starry cosmos that have generated so many dreams in mankind; in others, he places a veiled horizontal bar that, by exercising a contrasting tension with the painting’s dynamic brushstrokes, contribute to the idea that a “human” landscape can be created – fantasized, dreamed of, and designed – even in Extra-planetary environments. The artist and professor Gustavo Paris will supervise you in the developing of your own expression by doing drawing and painting exercises which will lead to a final exhibition. He thinks that every creator has an ability to transform the world – whether near or distant from him or herself – into something more significant than its natural appearance.
Every non-figurative creator is bent on transcending common things in order to arrive at the spiritual through an implicit act of faith, which manages to transmit to a truly sensitive and intuitive spectator. In Paris lyrical abstractionism, we notice a voyage towards an internal landscape, and in some way, a connection with the cosmos from the internal consciousness.