June 30, 2019 - June 30, 2019


Opening Film screening Preti Wowo Wind Creek Theatre at Rennaissance Hotel and Casino


During this one month workshop participants will develop their basic film ideas and create/design their own short film. At the end of the workshop these will be shown in a major screening at Wind Creek Crystal and Seaport Casino Theater.

How do we experience film in Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles and the Caribbean? With Sharelly participants will view the experiences of the spectator and the different ways in which films are produced, exhibited and enjoyed in the Caribbean Netherlands.

They enter into conversations about how different narrative forms, styles and popular genres have developed in Hollywood, Europe, African cinema and activist movements such as Third World Cinema. In the context of “why local Matters” the participants will co-create and develop possible film themes, film stores and / or treatments that are urgent and must be made in the future.

Depending on the involvement of the participants, teasers of the films can be made and displayed. Through a practical approach during this workshop, various aspects of the independent film phase will be discussed. The workshop is aimed at participants who already have a basic knowledge of the process of film making and its history, so that they are also able to critically reflect on their own viewing experiences and interpretations, and their relationship to film.

Born and raised in the Dutch Caribbean, studied film in the Netherlands and returned home to be able to tell universal and intimate stories from the Dutch Caribbean islands and the larger Caribbean region. While she is continuously sharpening her own aesthetic and signature, she keeps looking for new ways of representation and angles of approaching the themes and discourses she is interested in. With striking observations, she takes us into another world that is always very personal. Sensitive topics are portrayed in a pleasant, non-radical way with humoristic insinuations. Her films and film installation have been screened at different festivals and exhibitions. Apart from winning the audience award in 2011 at the Africa in the Picture film festival she received the Master award at KABK in 2014 and just recently received the encouragement spotlight Award of 2018, requesting her to continue making work. Emanuelson is also the founder of Uniarte, a non-profit, artists led organization on Curacao.

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