April 11, 2019 - May 01, 2019


Opening Mitico from the workshop Carpetologia by Lyubov Matyunina and What a Plasticby Margherita Soldati

‘What a plastic!’
From the 18th of March till the 11th of April (opening)
You are very welcome to join the workshop ‘What a plastic!’ with the Italian artist/designer Margherita. During the four weeks of the workshop, you will create a tactile sculpture by using only plastic waste collected from Aruba. By mixing coluors and shapes, trying different building technique and by manipulating the plastic you will end the up with a tactile 3D object. Through the workshop, you will also reflect on the value of touch and tactility in art and architecture, so that the final sculpture will not only meant to be looked at but also be touched. On the 11th of April during the opening, you will exhibit your sculpture in a group show!

Why do we keep calling ‘waste’ waste? It is a resource!

You are very welcome to join the workshop Carpetologia of the Russian artist Lyubov Matyunina.  In this workshop you will make carpets with different materials about the nature, architecture, folk stories, myth and legends of Aruba. Since Aruba has mystical background and the art of storytelling is quite visible, will collect the stories and the fairy tales of the land and visualize them into the carpets.

Highlights from the Exhibition