May 03, 2018 - June 30, 2018

Opening Flyer with participants names

I visited the expo pre-opening and it is worth seeing.

About ten local aspiring artists have been working under the guidance of Israeli born Yuval Rimon on giant animals made of recycled materials.
The goal was to present a work of art, Gigantic Animals, with rudimentary materials and rudimentary tools, hence the machete, nothing but the basics.
What I saw was totally interesting and creative, I was lucky to talk with some of the artists prior to the festive opening, on Thursday, with entertainment by Judith Werleman, and Master DJ Adriano Nanof live-mixing.
The academy’s student body is eclectic, teens and adults, novices and veterans, what they all have in common is passion for art and the commitment to show up for the courses given in cycles, a few times a week, for a great number of hours.
According to director Elvis Lopez the academy offers a versatile menu of course, including animation, sculpture, photography, so that students become multi-faceted and explore plastic arts in their totality. For the current expo Jamila Phillip, Samuel Eman, Suzanne van Spall. Rodrigo Peraza, Judith Werleman, Clarck de Lange, Daniela Sanchez, Adolfo Rekkers, Lupitra Bernabela, and Romelinda Malmonado contributed their talent, all notables. Jamila presented a recycle cardboard butterfly, made of multiple cut-out bands that function as a spine-like construction. Samuel Eman assembled an altar, a platform, upon which he was to preside, in white, I did not see it but it sounded impactful. Lupita Bernabella whose work is on the invitation, has been a student of Atelier for a while. She worked hard on the spontaneous yet calculated piece she presented, made of discarded strips of reed. Rodrigo Peraza in his early teens created a fire spitting yellow dragon from paper and glue, the kid is a consummate artist and a very accomplished one. Judith Werleman assembled a barrier, made of discarded cosmetic counter artifacts along the wall, a statement about how we use make up to hide behind.Clark de Lange created a kneeling human figure, regal, wings out-stretched.
I was told the teacher insisted on proportions and measuring the human figure to crack the code of eye-pleasing proportions. Clark’s piece from discarded wood is impressive.Daniela Sanchez made a lion from colored, rolled newspaper tubes, she is a multi-faceted young artist and Elvis is proud of her accomplishments. Suzanne van Spall’s horse is a masterpiece, full of movement, defiance and emotion. Adolfo Rekkers is an amazing artist, his snake, and his man-on-the-wall are museum pieces, so detailed and interesting to look at. Another one of the artists reflected in papier-mâché on an illness she was diagnosed with, an impressive piece with an amputated black hand and empty breasts.
The work of teacher Yuval Rimon stands out, I regret I couldn’t talk to him about his art, as he is gifted and according to his students helped further develop their skills considerably. Elvis does it all on a shoestring budget, and he is proud to say that two of his students got accepted to excellent schools in the Netherlands just recently and will go on to develop their inner artists to the fullest, which keeps him going.


Highlights from the Exhibition