December 08, 2017 - March 15, 2018

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Garden murals by participants workshop

The workshop explored the developmentfrom drawing and sketching to painting and on into creating fantastic murals.The jump from paper to canvas to wall was investigated.
Students learned about story telling withimages, composition, color design, materials, painting techniques and other things relevant to collaboration,and exploring how other people think and work and be influenced by it.
The workshop also explored the many different types of wall paintings, throughout known history, everything from cave paintings, fresques, graffiti, politicalmurals,signpaintingsandmore.
The 20 participants were of all ages and backg rounds,and the aim of the workshop was to meet each individual where they are in their artistic practice and try to push them on to another level,by forcing them out of their comfort zone.
The conclusion of the workshop was apersonal mural by each and every student on the out side of the Ateliers´89building. In addition there was a show ofsketches, drawings, paintings as well as large scale collaboration paintings, tha twere on display inthe smaller showroom White Box at the Ateliers´89.The presentation of the work took place on the 9th of December,with live music from some of th estudents.
Video documentation of live music by Ginelly Nakaminda:

Highlights from the Exhibition