February 06, 2020 - May 01, 2020


Invitation opening Drawing workshop by Marieke Zwart

Workshop drawing
Marieke Zwart
Monday 13 January – Thursday 6 February 2020

You are cordially invited to participate in the drawing workshop of Marieke Zwart in January!
Marieke is going to challenge you as participants to explore the many possibilities this craftsmanship offers with the help of drawing experiments.

She will do this partly in the classroom and partly outside it.
Together with Marieke, the participants learn to observe and document the environment. The results are then further elaborated in the studio. Portrait drawing is also an important part of the workshop. In this way the participants discover that drawing can also have a social context.
Everyone is personally guided at his or her own level.
The ultimate goal is a joint exhibition.

Marieke graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and then from the prestigious Rijksakademie, both in Amsterdam. She was also nominated as a city draftsman of the Municipality of Amsterdam.
Marieke is a committed artist. The operation of power and Dutch colonial history are themes that are often reflected in her work.
Teaching is also an important part of her artistic practice.
Marieke Zwart regularly teaches at various art academies and organizes the Summerschool program The Fifth Season every year.

ARTWORK: GROUP-Jessy Anthony-Rodrigo Michelangelo-Daimerly Gibbs

Highlights from the Exhibition