Seri Noka a magical amphitheatre in Santa Cruz Aruba was just the right place to present this show. As November is a rainy season on the island, the theatre was a pool of water. By seeing this we fell in love with all its natural beauty. We decided to transform all this into part of the play, where the main actors perform on the main stage as in the water. Miss Olga van Bokhove new how to transform together with Erick Jan Eman illumination by Purple Entertainment, the fantastic visuals by master VJ Egmar Yrausquin and music by DJ. Adriano Nanof. With the most marvellous acting group by the star performers, Beach Lama, Natusha Croes, Adriano Nanof, Marjorie Vermeer, Facundo Franken, Roberta Romelli, Egmar Yrausquin, Pamela D’Coteau, Danny Martinez and Ligia Violenus, into a most interesting and delightful contemporary art performance, attended by a large crowd of more than 800 art lovers.

Theatre workshop performance presented by Ateliers '89 with the generous sponsor by ATA, Purple Entertainment, Vibration PR., Dj. Adriano Nanof, Vj. Egmar Yrausquin and with the permission of the commission of Seri Noka, Santa Cruz.

Time: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Date: November 13, 2016

                                                                    Vermeer intence with Yrausquin